Unique Processing Aid
          Lubricating Processing Aid
          General Processing Aid
          Transparent Processing Aid
          SAN Processing Aid
          MBS Impact Modifier
          CPE (Chlorinated Polyethyle
          CGA series Impact Modifier
          Acrylic Impact Modifier
          For Thin PVC Foaming Sheet
  About Us

Shandong Donglin New Materials Co., Ltd.is one of leading manufacturers of plastic additives in the world,which was founded by Mr. Tonggang Yi,our headquarters is located in Linqu County, China. Donglin New Materials owns 2 sister companies and 2 production plants: like Weifang Donglin Chemical Co., Ltd.;Donglin Chemical(Canada) Co.,Ltd. etc.
As a global solution supplier in additives technology for vinyl and other polymers,Shandong Donglin New Materials Co., Ltd.is specializing in impact modification and process aid for various applications. Our main products include:Acrylic Impact Modifier, CGA Impact modifier,MBS impact modifier,acrylic processing aid,PVC foaming regulator,ASA resin and other engineering plastic additives.currentlyour production capacityexceeds50,000 metric tons per year and is growing at a significant rate.
In 2009Donglin New Materials Co., Ltd. earned certification of ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System etc.we are fulfilling the management principle of “consistent quality;safety, health and environment first”.
Based on our national level R&D Center and professional technical service team,now our market share in China is booming, currently we maintain over 30% market share of the PVC processing aid consumed in China and our additives are currently being exported to Canada, Germany, Turkey, Israel, Korea, Malaysia, Iran and India just to name some.
By keeping of the philosophy and principals of "Consistent Quality, Competitive prices, Professional techinal support and Environment friendly" we will work together with our customers towards a bright and prosperous future.


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